Glossary of surface technology


Setting the parameters for carrying out a plasma process.
These are in particular:

  • Pump activation
  • Supply of process gas
  • Setting the time
  • Setting the power
  • Generator start
  • Rinsing
  • Venting

The following controls are available for Diener electronic plasma systems which can optionally be used for systems of all types:

  1. Manual (semi-automatic) control:
    The operator sets the process parameters and switching processes manually and analogously.
  2. Automatic control:
    After pressing the Start button, the process sequence is optimally controlled in a fully automatic manner.
  3. Full PC control via MS Windows:
    Process sequences can be programmed and saved.
    The process sequences can be saved and documented.
  4. Basic PC control:
    Touch screen control via Windows CE with screen menus

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